How can we make you grow?

1. Consulting and creative development

We guide the entire creative process of the artist and product. Together we develope a suitable plan, story and timeline. We can link artists to ideas, ideas to artists, or start with a blank page from scratch. Setting short, mid and long term targets, together we can focus on the main goal.

2. Artist and Performance Coaching

We follow up the progress of our long-term vision of the artist and product. On a regular basis, we do an evaluation on how we can optimize our future steps and strategy towards the set goals. We provide constructive feedback to the artist to support their personal development.

3. A-to-Z music production: from demo to radio ready songs

Let’s turn your idea or song into a top notch final product! We don’t go for anything less than the best. We provide all facilities and the best musicians, lyricists, composers, songwriters and engineers. We combine the full potential striving for the professional results.

Songwriting (lyrics and music)
Pre/post production
Pre/post mixing

4. Visuals

We focus on getting the maximum potential from the artist and product. Aiming for that typical catchy musical earworm and visual hook, maximizing the chances of reaching the right audience. We make sure the final product fits the latest and future trends.

Social media

5. Record label / Music release

Groove Hunter Records is our main music label at the Groove Hunter Entertainment Group. We provide the entire package of release, publishing and distribution. Physically, digitally, either way we make sure the product is picked up by the most important players on the market.

Digital release
Physical release (Vinyl, CD, etc)

6. Radio and media promotion

Once the single/EP/album is ready for release, it’s time getting it heard! From plugging at radio stations, setting up a social media campaign, up to creating promo videos, teasers and banners. We make it happen and aim for the best possible results.

Plugging (major radio stations)
Magazines and newspapers
TV & radio
Digital media
Social media