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Serge Quisquater, also known as Sergio… the greatest and ever-charming, sometimes slightly flamboyant bundle of energy that Flanders has to offer. It becomes damn difficult to describe him in any other way. A resume of national and international accolades that speak volumes. With ‘Touch Of Joy‘, he achieved international success, not to mention his hit single ‘Sisters’ at the Eurovision Song Festival.

Nationally, he spread his wings even further, with a number 1 hit on the Flemish Top 50 (‘ALLEEN BIJ JOU’), numerous live TV performances, and as the host of many successful TV shows. Does he actually sing in Dutch or would he rather sing in English? It’s a matter of ‘you lose when you choose’… So clearly, he doesn’t choose AND effortlessly takes everyone along in all languages! He truly is a phenomenon, that Serge, and his story is far from over.