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Wayne Matthews
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Wayne Matthews is a young Belgian singer-songwriter with an immensely international sound. It’s no wonder he is often compared to big names like Dermot KennedyDean Lewis and Lewis Capaldi. Wayne’s distinctive voice is both fragile and poppy, making his songs captivating and highly radio-friendly.


His debut single ‘Lonely’ easily secured national airplay in Belgium on Radio 2 and Q-Music. With his latest single ‘That Evening’s Evil,’ Wayne continues his conquest of the music scene.


Live performances are no challenge for Wayne, as he effortlessly engages the audience in his story. Major names like Joker Out (Eurovision Songfestival) have eagerly invited him as an opening act.

A festival, a hall, or a club? Or perhaps the radio? Wayne can and does it all!

Wayne Matthews Groove Hunter
Wayne Matthews Groove Hunter
Wayne Matthews Groove Hunter