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XXJULÍA describes herself as a vocalist, songwriter, performer, producer, and rapper. And indeed, she excels in all these roles, making her an incredibly versatile and multi-talented artist. Together with her band, she delves deep into the soul genre, exploring innovative sounds. This has been widely appreciated by audiences, media, and critics alike! XXJULÁ has been heard live on platforms such as MNM and Q-Music, appeared on Belgium’s Got Talent, and was selected for both De Nieuwe Lichting and Humo’s Rock Rally.

On stage, she emerges as a true performer, placing emphasis on entertaining and seamlessly weaving her identity through personal anecdotes. This has been well-received, as evidenced by her shining performances at the AB and her collaboration with Milo Meskens at Trix.

For those who admire Erykah BaduAmy Winehouse and Eliza, XXJULÍA is undoubtedly an artist worth discovering. And for those who appreciate a healthy dose of rebellion, activism, and energy as well…

(Photo Credits Yza Pauw Photography)

XXJULÍA Groove Hunter